Ermetris is proud to present Zyklop, Automatic Passenger Counter

These days Ermetris is completing the latest texts of Zyklop, an automatic passenger counter of the latest generation. The new product is designed and developed entirely in Ermetris laboratories.

Zyklop Counting Sensor is an electronic device powered by Ermetris for monitoring the passage of people equipped with artificial intelligence.

The targets within the field of action, through tracking algorithms, are identified as vectors, these vectors contribute to the quantification of the total flow of people crossing the scene in both directions.

Zyklop is composed of two hardware parts, an APC (automatic passenger counting) processor unit, and a VDU (video detection unit). The system is also equipped with a software with a WiFi user interface through which it is possible to configure the device parameters and access the main information of the device.

Zyklop integrates perfectly within the on-board instrumentation of the means of transport from which it can receive and send specific commands and information and is proposed as a complete solution with high reliability thanks to the high quality of the components.

General Features:

Artificial Intelligence: Zyklop using AI algorithms to count the people in the scene. With a statistical accuracy of 98%, it is possible to distinguish people from objects in the action area

Algorithms of neural networks: Training of neural networks carried out directly on the means of transport, thanks to the video recording of Zyklop

Simple to configure: Device configuration via WiFi through a normal web browser

Easy to install: Thanks to the small size of the VDU, mounted above the door, and an APC, which can be mounted up to 2 meters. away from the VDU

Standard protocol: This device, fully compatible with the most popular communication protocols, can be coupled with already installed passenger counter systems

Video recording: During the test phase, it is possible to record videos of steps to check their accuracy