The Italian rail electronics specialist Ermetris will change name and become Teleste Information Solutions s.r.l. The change becomes effective on February 1st, 2023.

Apart from the new name, the company’s services for the customers will not change: the familiar team will continue to serve your and the office in Gorizia will stay in operation. You can find the detailed contact information on the Ermetris website at www.ermetris.com.

Ermetris has been a part of Teleste Group since January 2022. Merging with Teleste enables both companies to serve customers even better than before with a common service concept, wide industry expertise, and extensive product range.

Our goal is to continue as your trusted partner and our innovative and enthusiastic Teleste team is committed to developing effective solutions to meet your needs for a smart, modern mobility. You can learn more about Teleste on the company’s website.


About Teleste
Teleste offers an integrated portfolio of products and services that allows you to build and manage a better networked company. Our solutions offer you television and broadband services, ensure your safety in public places and guide your use of public transport. With solid experience in the sector and a drive for innovation, we are an international leader in broadband, security, information technology and related services. We connect with our customers through a global network of offices and partners. In 2020, Teleste’s net turnover reached 145 million euros and had 858 employees. Teleste is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. For more information, visit www.teleste.com and follow@telestecorp on Twitter.

About Ermetris
Founded in 2011, Ermetris is a passenger handling service provider in the transportation industry. The company specializes in passenger information services, communication to the public, on-board Internet, video surveillance, passenger counting services and distribution services for transport products through its online platform. Since 10 January 2022 Ermetris is part of the Teleste Group.