Efesto Termoscanner

This infrared Thermal scanner is suited to safety and convenience applications that include temperature measurement in transportation and residential environment.

Efesto Termoscanner is a product created by Ermetris and responds to the growing needs encountered in numerous applications for thermal analysis.

Efesto Termoscanner

General Features

Infrared Thermal Sensor

Infrared Thermal Sensor

Alarm Led

Alarm LED

Serial Port

TTL Serial Port


-40 to 300°c

  • 5Far infrared thermal sensor array (32x24 RES)
  • 5-25°C to 70°C operational temperature range, allows deployment in difficult transportation environments
  • 5Can measure object temperature between -40 to 300°C
  • 5Buzzer for automatic alarm when temperature more than 37.5°
  • 52 LED in the front : Green and RED for alarm or normal operation
  • 5RS485 to transmit temperature matrix
  • 52 LED , buzzer and digital input signal on a external connector
  • 5TTL serial port for connecting external display to visualize the temperature and thermal map
  • 5Power 9-36 VDC


This product it’s created to responds to the growing needs encountered in numerous applications for thermal analysis, the device is suitable for safety and convenience applications including temperature measurement.

Efesto infrared sensor allows the detection, without contact, of body temperature, allowing to optimize access management and make access areas safer.

Its operating temperature has a range of -40 ° C to 85 ° C and can measure the temperature of objects between -40 ° C and 300 ° C, maintaining high levels of accuracy across the measurement scale.

Unlike microbolometer alternatives, the sensor does not require frequent recalibration, thus ensuring continuous monitoring and reducing system costs.

Efesto Termoscanner can be installed, for example, at the entrance of the company, a shop and on public transport. You can set a warning threshold in case of high temperature.

When the system detects that the temperature of the person in transit exceeds the set threshold, it emits an acoustic and visual alarm, it will therefore be possible to deny them entry.

The device, thanks to its small size, allows an easy and quick installation even in small spaces and it works well even in low light environments.

Efesto Termoscanner

The behavior of Efesto Termoscanner is as follows:

When a person enters through an entrance, which can be residential or on means of transport, the device measures the temperature in real time.

If the temperature is higher than 37.5 °, an audible alarm for 5 seconds is activated and the flashing Red LED lights up.