Addresses growing demands seen across numerous applications for thermal analysis. This Ermetris infrared (IR) sensor offers a cost-effective alternative to more expensive high-end thermal cameras. This 32×24 pixel device is suited to safety and convenience applications that include temperature measurement in transportation and residential environment.  It has a -40°C to 85°C operational temperature range and can measure object temperatures between -40°C and 300°C. Maintaining high levels of precision across its full measurement scale. It also exhibits superior noise performance.  Unlike microbolometer alternatives, the sensor does not need frequent re-calibration, thus ensuring continuous monitoring and lowering system cost.

The behaviour of the Efesto termoscanner stand alone is the following: The person enter in a gate or in front, it measures the temperature in real time, if temperature is higher than 37.5° there is blinking LED Red and the buzzer tone for 5 seconds.

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Technical specification


General features

  • Far infrared thermal sensor array (32×24 RES)
  • -25 to 70°C operational temperature range, allows deployment in difficult transportation environments
  • Can measure object temperature between -40 to 300°C
  • Buzzer for automatic alarm when temperature more than 37.5°
  • 2 LED in the front : Green and RED for alarm or normal operation
  • RS485 to transmit temperature matrix
  • 2 LED , buzzer and digital input signal on a external connector
  • TTL serial port for connecting external display to visualize the temperature and thermal map
  • Power 9-36 VDC
  • 1 Digital input contact to disable or enable measurement
  • Automatic software to gives an alarm: Red led blinking and Buzzer tone when the temperature is more than 37.5°


  • Temperature measurement for busses and trains
  • Temperature scan for industrial and residential application