The Ermetris UIC 568 to SIP VoIP Gateway has been developed for the installations where a cab radio EIRENE, compliant with the UIC568 standard, has to be connected to an audio system realized with VoIP technology. The following scenarios are managed:

  • Public Announcement (PA – UIC 568 std., Service PA)
  • Train conductor recall (TC – UIC568 std., Service IC)
  • Loco-Loco (TL – UIC568 std., IC Service)
  • Environmental listening (AA – std. SES)

AA and TC/TL communications is mutually exclusive. When the AA is not used, the GW ensures compliance with the UIC 568 standard according to the priority rules recommended by EIRENE (chapter 4 Doc. 7) applied to vehicles where a VoIP network is implemented for the train sonorization.

The GW works in a system where a VoCM is installed.The GW make available two channels: one for the public announcement (PA) and another for full duplex communication in the event of a IC service (std. UIC 568). The following parameters has to be set by the user:

  1. SIP User # 1 (for PA communications)
  2. SIP User # 2 (for IC or AA communications)
  3. SIP User # 3 (to produce a GONG sound that informs the conductor is requested to perform a TC call).

A Configuration Flag, to be set in the commissioning phase,  make the GW management of  the Intercom line in AA mode or in UIC568  Standard mode.

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Technical specifications:

Railway EN50155 SIP-VOIP to UIC568 gateway

General features


  • VoIP: G.711 µlaw or Alaw – 8 kHz
  • Diagnostic: SNMP

Power supply

  • 24 Vdc (variations according to EN50155)
  • Consumption: 1 A max at 24 Vdc

Physical characteristics

  • Rack 19” x 1 U (deep 203.2 mm max)
  • Front panel: aluminium


  • Power supply: M12 A code (male)
  • Ethernet: M12 D code (female)
  • UIC568: DB25 (female)
  • 2x DB9 internal converter RS232 to RS422


  • Operating temperature range: EN60068 class T3 -25/+70°C
  • Protection index: IP20 (EN 60529)


  • EN50155 Railway standard
  • Vibrations and shocks: EN 61373 chap.8

cat.1 class B

  • Fire/smoke: UNI/CEI 11170-3
  • MTBF>200.000 h (MIL-HDBK 217F

GM @ 45°C